Dragon Martial Arts Academy - Creston

Covid 19 Re-Opening Plan

No one who is feeling unwell may enter the building.

We are currently adhering to viaSport's Return to Sport Phase 2 guidance as provided by the Province of BC.

Maximum Attendance:

- A maximum of 10 students may attend any class.

- A maximum of 2 instructors will be present during any class.

Prior to arriving:

- If possible, come to class dressed in your full training uniform.

- Washrooms will be for emergencies only or for washing hands.

Upon entering the building, students are to go through the following steps:

- NEW (Nov 23, 2020): As per new Provincial Regulations, everyone who enters the building must wear a mask.

- Stop inside the door and observe whether anyone is on the 1st landing downstairs.

- Wait until that person has gone down to the bottom floor before going further.

- All shoes must be removed at the 1st landing before progressing.

- Place any gym bag or gear neatly and away from others along the bench at the back of the room on 1 of the marks provided.

- Move straight to 1 of the marks on the training floor to warm up prior to class.

- NEW (June 15, 2021): Students may leave their masks with their gym bags/water bottles on the bench during class. Physical distancing will be maintained during class while masks are not worn.

- All students are required to remain at their designated mark throughout the class, and will be dismissed 1 at a time at the end to avoid clustering together.


- NEW (Nov 23, 2020): No Spectators are permitted during classes.